Package Design

Your product represents your business, and it should be packaged in a way that showcases its uniqueness and quality. Once it's on the shelf, it needs to stand out amongst competitors as being the better choice, and Bergey Creative Group will create packaging to do just that.

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Label Design

A label tells the customer what's inside… but it also needs to grab your customers' attention. Don't get passed up at point of purchase for the other brand! We will make sure your label represents your product and company, tells the consumer what they need to know, and stands up to anything else on the shelf.

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When your product breaks the mold, it might need some specialized packaging. We can provide packaging prototypes so you can be sure your product will be presented in the best possible way. Bergey Creative Group will work with you to understand your product needs, and we will develop prototypes that will serve as the best possible solutions.

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