Strategic Planning

Bergey Creative Group offers our "Visual Voice" strategic planning process. Your Visual Voice is what your client or customer sees, hears, and thinks when they are viewing your company brand, messaging, website, and marketing collateral.

We start with an in-depth survey of employees and customers. Based on the survey feedback and research of the industry, we develop a plan that is custom fit for your marketing needs and outlined with tasks and goals. The "Visual Voice" process includes:

• In-depth online employee survey custom developed to fit your needs and industry. We ask questions about the company, the brand, the mission, your strengths, your weaknesses, your competition, your products and services, your future goals, ideas for marketing, and overall improvement of company and brand.

• Optional survey of customers can be used online or by phone. You can use this survey as a sweepstakes to win a prize or simply as a customer service tool to better understand your clients needs.

• A comprehensive report will be provided which includes all survey responses with or without names and agency recommendations.

• A meeting in person or via a webinar to discuss the next steps to achieve the goals outlined in the Visual Voice document.

The Visual Voice process can also uncover items within the company that may have nothing to do with marketing, but can effect overall performance and bottom line.

The final document from this process will serve as the foundation for two to five years of successful marketing and growth while keeping the entire company and agency on the same page.

We look forward to developing your Visual Voice with you.

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